Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Lemon - 500mg-1500mg

Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Lemon - 500mg-1500mg


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It’s a known fact that tinctures offer the most expedient means of enjoying the effects of cannabidiol. What many CBD users aren’t into is that strange, sickly aftertaste that many lower-end tinctures leave in your mouth. Smilyn’s new Lemon CBD Tincture has none of that – just the buoyant flavors of citrus goodness on your tongue. Like all tincture products, using this one is a cinch: simply fill up the drop-topper, administer a serving under your tongue, hold the drops there for a minute or two, swish around in your mouth and then swallow. This product contains purely organic, broad spectrum hemp oil, plus organic and natural lemon oils (to lend it its incredible flavor), walnut oil and MCT oil. This product has a shelf life of eighteen months.  

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Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Lemon - 1500mg Lab Report
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