CBD is most commonly taken orally, either as a tincture or in some kind of edible form. It can also be used topically, which means rubbing it on the skin, or vaporized. Most people are looking for general effects throughout the day, so gummies or slow release capsules are the obvious choice. However, some people want a faster effect, which is where tinctures come in. A drop of CBD in your morning coffee or water is a great way to get quick effects. Lotions and other topicals, on the other hand, offer fast-acting localized relief and effects.

CBD Edibles

CBD can be taken similar to vitamins—they can be swallowed like a pill or chewed as a gummy. Unlike CBD oils, they’re easy to transport and keep handy without worrying about spillage. They also have a set dosage of CBD in them, but they’re harder to customize the serving size or strength to your personal needs.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals include lotion, creams, balms, or roll-on applications. When CBD is applied to the skin, it can reach localized pain or specific endocannabinoids in the body. It’s best to apply CBD topicals to a specific problem area if you’re looking for instant effects in a specific area, like your muscles after working out.

CBD Oils

CBD tinctures, or oils, are combined with a carrier oil such as coconut oil and can be used from a dropper. Oil drops can be used under the tongue, while cooking, or applied topically. CBD vapes also use oil, but there is a health risk associated with vaping, so it is best to vape only with CBD from a safe source.

CBD Vape

CBD vape oils and cartridges can be vaporized using electronic vaporizers or “vape pens” to provide extra fast-acting absorption. Many people enjoy the portability and effectiveness of CBD vapes. They are also a great way to replace the physical habit of smoking cigarettes or vaping nicotine with a healthier alternative while you quit.


The benefits of CBD vary greatly from person-to-person. People are using CBD for a huge range of different things and many of them swear by it. From stressed out students during finals week to athletes who are recovering from an injury. Many people just take it as part of their daily supplement routine because they find that it helps them get up and out and get through the day, for one reason or another. 

Just like any other health and wellness supplement, it can be used by just about anyone, and it is. Busy moms who need to stay relaxed and focused throughout the day, anxious ex-smokers, recovering addicts, and top-level athletes all use CBD to help them succeed and meet their goals for the day. CBD has unique effects on each and every person, so it’s really just about finding the right CBD for your lifestyle and exploring how it can help you. 




Everyone is different, so what works for you may not work for your friend. The effect that CBD has does depend on your genes. Our endocannabinoid systems are different, much like how different digestive systems process certain types of food differently. Surprisingly, your body may not make use of all the CBD that you may take. 

You may have to experiment with different strengths and amounts of CBD to find your perfect fit. If you take too much, it can have the same effect of not taking enough. We know that finding the right CBD can be overwhelming at first. That’s why it’s cost and time-effective to find which CBD works best for your genes. You can get personal recommendations and find out which CBD works best in your body by taking our DNA test.


CBD for pets is a great natural remedy for a wide range of issues that your pet might be experiencing. When there’s something wrong with your pet, your fur baby may show behavioral problems, such as excessive licking, pulling out hair, or being antisocial. If you notice these things, your first stop should always be the vet. Once they have provided you with treatment options, CBD can be a great tool to supplement your pets health and wellness regimen. Just be sure to check with your vet first!

CBD for dogs and CBD for cats can is safely made from natural hemp extracts. The amount of CBD oil you give your pet is a trial-and-error process until you find the magic number. CBD for pets uses CO2 to extract CBD rather than using solvents that are sometimes used in the extraction process for CBD for humans. CBD for pets can be used in treats, or you can mix in oil from a CBD tincture in your companion’s food. Some dogs and cats love the taste of CBD oil and will gladly take it from the dropper. Always start small and slowly increase the dosage until you see the desired effects.

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