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Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Grape - 500mg-1500mg
Grapes are nothing if not an adaptable fruit; you can throw them on a cheese board as a sort of amuse bouche before a big meal, or throw them in the freezer to produce the most underrated summertime snack in...
from $38.99
Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Blueberry - 500mg-1500mg
Are you looking for a blueberry flavor that’s not too sweet but still tasty enough to plant a smile on your CBD-loving face? If you answered “yes” to this question, you might want to have a look at Smilyn CBD’s...
from $38.99
Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Mint - 500mg-1500mg
This new cannabidiol-fueled, Mint-flavored Tincture product from Smilyn is so fresh that it contains not one, but two forms of minty goodness (spearmint and peppermint). Like all of Smilyn’s products, this tincture is absorbed quickly, and has proven effects. The...
from $38.99
Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Lemon - 500mg-1500mg
It’s a known fact that tinctures offer the most expedient means of enjoying the effects of cannabidiol. What many CBD users aren’t into is that strange, sickly aftertaste that many lower-end tinctures leave in your mouth. Smilyn’s new Lemon CBD...
from $38.99
Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Orange - 500mg-1500mg
Orange you glad you’ve been turned on to the life-changing CBD products being manufactured by Smilyn? If you’re someone who prefers to use cannabidiol in tincture form, you’re going to want to look into this new Orange-flavored CBD Tincture, designed...
from $38.99
Smilyn - CBD Tincture - Cinnamon - 500mg-1500mg
Quick show of hands: who loves the taste of Cinnamon? Surely you must. Cinnamon is great in everything, from horchatas to cinnamon rolls. The CBD makers at Smilyn CBD sure love cinnamon, which is why they’ve crafted a mildly spicy...
from $38.99
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