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Reef - CBD Edible - Watermelon Sour Gummies - 25mg
Watermelon Sour features the best of both worlds, offering the sweetness of a freshly sliced watermelon doused in sour sugar! This soft chew offers a rich and flavorful burst of sweetness, with the perfect amount of sourness. We captured these...
Reef - CBD Edible - Watermelon Gummies - 25mg
Watermelon Gummies offers the fresh and sweet flavor of juicy summer melons in gummy form! We went straight to the farmer’s market for this flavor, wanting only the cleanest and best flavoring for this soft chew. Fat and juicy melons...
Reef - CBD Edible - Tropical Sour Gummies - 25mg
Tropical Gummies Sour brings a party to the islands that your taste buds have been waiting for! Enjoy the sugary sweet flavor of smooth Meyer lemons and juicy oranges, but with a delightful sour twist at the end! Grab your...
Reef - CBD Edible - Tropical Gummies - 25mg
Tropical Gummies features a delicious island adventure in gummy form, bursting with the sweet and refreshing flavor of fresh oranges and sweet Meyer lemons. Drift away in the sweet flavors that only a tropical paradise can offer, featuring sweet fruits...
Reef - CBD Edible - Blue Razz Sour Gummies - 25mg
Blue Razz Gummies deliver a sweet and chewy flavored treat to your taste buds! Blue raspberries are a true treat to any fruit and sweets lover, offering a sugary sweet version of the famous summer fruit! Blue raspberries are rarely...
Reef - CBD Edible - Blue Razz Gummies - 25mg
Blue Razz Gummies Sour delivers the promise of summer with a delightful sour twist at the end! Feast on a soft and chewy gummy, bursting with fresh blue raspberry flavor and a tart lemon sourness! Blue raspberry flavors are often...
Reef - CBD Vape Juice - San Onofre - 250mg-1000mg
What surfer doesn't get down with a power breakfast before he grabs his board for the beach and who doesn't like fruity cereals with prizes? San Onofre will take you back to breakfast, with all those magical colorful loops in...
Reef - CBD Vape Juice - Mavericks - 250mg-1000mg
It makes perfect sense we chose to name our Fuji Apple vape flavored CBD oil Mavericks. It was the only fruit we could come up with that we felt mirrored the arch of the sets that come in on that...
Reef - CBD Vape Juice - Waimea Bay - 250mg-1000mg
Waimea Bay by Reef CBD Vape Juice features three big fruit flavors that, when blended together, they create distinctive, rich, and juicy fruit aromas. Every puff of firm sunkissed strawberries, lush sweet guava, and juicy ripe oranges will attack your...
Reef - CBD Tincture - Cocoa Beach - 250mg-1000mg
You're in the pipeline and the conditions couldn't be any more epic. The spray is blowing right on by you, and all you can think about is how clean and perfect the sea is...that is how we would describe Cocoa...
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Reef - CBD Tincture - Venice - 250mg-1000mg
When life gives you lemons, do something with them! Everyone knows Venice Beach is known for it's laid back lifestyle and beach lifestyle, and our tincture by the same name sets up just like our favorite Venice Beach lemonade stand....
from $19.49
Reef - CBD Tincture - Cardiff - 250mg-1000mg
Cardiff by Reef CBD is a flavorful broad spectrum cbd oil tincture offered in 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Blue like the sky on the most epic surf day, this flavor profile is about as fresh as surfing Cardiff, each dropper delivers...
from $19.49
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