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PaperCraneCBD - CBD Vape Tincture - Zunoo Meiseki - 1000mg
DESCRIPTION Zunoo Meiseki ( Japanese meaning “Clarity” ) is our alternative tincture. Although Clarity is marketed for vape, it’s ingredients are all food grade (CBD Isolate, Vegetable Glycerin, & Propylene Glycol) and is highly suggested to be mixed with you’re existing e-liquid...
PaperCraneCBD - CBD Tincture - Chiku - 1500mg
DESCRIPTION Chiku ( Japanese meaning “Medium” ) is our mid-level of our tincture lineup. Chiku contains 1500mg of CBD Isolate in each 60ml (2oz.) bottle. Infused with Avocado oil , Chiku is our most popular CBD tincture to date. DETAILS Shake...
PaperCraneCBD - CBD Tincture - Sho - 500mg
DESCRIPTION Sho (Japanese meaning “Low” ) is our first level of our tincture lineup. Sho contains 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD in each 30ml (1oz.) bottle. Infused with MCT oil derived from Palm Oil, Sho has a smooth Minty taste that...
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