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Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Topical - Eucalyptus Salve - 4oz
Eucalyptus has been used for centuries to address a myriad of health concerns. Cute and fuzzy koalas might snack on it, but don’t let this plant fool you, it’s more than just a food. Not only has it been used...
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Pod - Red Devil Moon Pod - 100mg
What’s it taste like? Indulge in the sweetness of ripe berries, fruits, and vanilla. There’s no mistaking why this is Blue Moon Hemp’s best selling flavor. With nine fruits and berries all working in delicate harmony, each sweet hit lingers...
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Tincture - Tru Blu Peppermint - 500mg
When it’s a scorching summer day and you can’t beat the heat, consider the cooling effect of peppermint to help you feel more comfortable. The minty sweet flavor will send your imagination to polar regions with its arctic chill. This...
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Vape - Pure Total Eclipse - 1000mg
Perfect for those times when no fancy flavor can satisfy your needs. When you’re looking for the most natural experience and prefer a classic cannabis taste, look no further because Blue Moon Hemp has you covered. Like the name suggests,...
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Pod - Flan Moon Pod - 100mg
What’s it taste like? Give in to your sweetest desires, minus the sugary guilt. If you’re looking for a great desert-like pick me up, look no further. Blue Moon Hemp formulated the highly sought after taste of Madagascar vanilla beans—the...
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Vape - Flan Full Moon - 750mg
Like eating dessert but without the sugar. Madagascar Vanilla Bean and a touch of caramel come together in guilt-free perfection to create this delicious crème brûlée flavor. This rich flavor profile is sure to satisfy even the largest sweet tooth....
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Pod - Kush Moon Pod - 100mg
The original Kush flavor is unmistakable and this terpene absolutely hits the mark. You will taste and get the sensation of vaping the whole plant. Powerful and good!Lab ReportsBlue Moon Hemp - CBD Pod - Kush Moon Pod Lab Report
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Edible - Gummies - 2oz-100mg
These CBD gummies are a convenient and delicious way to get your daily serving of CBD for those extra stressful, jam-packed days! Keep these Blue Moon Hemp gummies by your nightstand, work station, or in your gym bag for convenient,...
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Pet Tincture - Tru Blu Bacon Dog Tincture - 250mg-1000mg
We love our dogs, and would do just about anything to give them the best quality of life. With this specially formulated CBD tincture, you can treat your dog with the same amount of care that you would treat yourself!...
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Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Tincture - Tru Blu - 1000mg
Don’t want to vape your CBD? No problem! Use this flavorless tincture as a way to experience CBD without inhalation. The most popular way to use CBD tincture is by taking a few drops orally or sublingually, the latter method...
Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Vape - Red Devil Full Moon - 750mg
You don’t need to make a pact with the devil to get your hands on this highly sought after flavor.  This best seller reveals exciting new tastes every time. Its fruit-forward sweetness is familiar, but soon you’ll see just how...
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