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Avida CBD - CBD Edible - Broad Spectrum Relax Gummies - 10mg
Throw your stresses out the door and RELAX* Our delicious strawberry Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies, sprinkled with organic cane sugar work fast to help counter the bad vibes and stresses. A boost of our CBD Gummies is just what your...
Avida CBD - CBD Vape - Berry Grape - 250mg-1000mg
Two of earths tastiest fruits fused with THC-FREE CBD isolate. With every draw you’ll experience the delicious taste of Wild Grapes & Charlie Strawberries. Berry Grape is handcrafted in the USA (so you know its good.) and it tastes like heaven....
from $24.36
Avida CBD - CBD Vape - Blue Razz - 250mg-1000mg
Blue Razz is bursting with flavor! With each inhale you’ll experience the fruity blend of Juicy Blueberries & Tart, Sweet Blue Raspberries. All while being fused with Avida-Core THC-FREE CBD Isolate that gives you the relief you need. Feed your fascination with...
from $24.36
Avida CBD - CBD Vape - Manga Mango - 250mg-1000mg
With your first inhale you’ll discover why Manga Mango is becoming one of our most raved about CBD vape juices. Made to perfection by our award-winning flavorist, with each draw you’ll experience the taste of juicy Honey Mangos layered with tangy...
from $24.36
Avida CBD - CBD Vape - Flavorless Additive - 250mg-1000mg
Our CBD Flavorless Additive was crafted to complement your favorite Vape Juice, Beverage or Food. Simply add a few drops in your tank, food or drink and you’ll get the CBD you need your way. Shop our flavorless additive now....
from $24.36
Avida CBD - CBD Tincture - Full Spectrum Spearmint - 500mg
Avida Extracts Full Spectrum CBD oil is the latest iteration of our advanced Avida CORE Spectrum™ technology. We utilize a proprietary full spectrum blend, resulting in the highest naturally occurring Phyto-cannabinoids (7 Cannabinoids) ,Terpenes (9 Terpenes) with low Delta-9-THC and other...
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