How CBD affects you is one thing. How it fits into your lifestyle is another. To fully reap the relaxation benefit from CBD, you’re going to have to first find the right CBD for your lifestyle. Lucky for you—we’ve already done the heavy lifting. Check below to find your lifestyle type, and we’ll give you CBD that makes getting your daily dose seem effortless.


Best CBD for a Busy Lifestyle


CBD products can benefit a busy lifestyle.


CBD capsules are a great way to get your CBD when you’re in rush mode. Whether you’re heading out the door, or you don’t want to carry a glass tincture in your bag, CBD capsules are a great way to discreetly take your daily dose without anyone having to know. CBD gummies are also a great alternative to start your day off right. Not to mention—who doesn’t want to start their morning with delightful flavors?


On those days you wake up late, or you’ve got too much on your plate and you’ve got to go, go go, you’re going to want to feel the full effect of CBD as quickly as possible. You can take a CBD tincture and drop some under your tongue to reach your endocannabinoid system quicker. 


CBD water has a smaller CBD dosage so you can drink it through the day.


Drinking CBD-infused water is another quick way and convenient way to incorporate CBD discreetly throughout your busy day. Unlike taking a full dropper of CBD oil, CBD water usually has 5-10 mg of CBD in it. This way, you’re able to drink multiple bottles of water in a day without feeling too relaxed from too much CBD.


Another solution before you leave the house is to put a CBD tincture in your coffee and mix it with a fatty substance, such as butter or milk. It’s a great way to benefit from the power of caffeine without the jitters. Take the edge off of your busy day by simply adding CBD to your morning brew.


Best CBD for a Relaxed Lifestyle


CBD products for a relaxed lifestyle include vaping and cooking with CBD oil.


If “stress” isn’t in your vocabulary and you’re more of a go-with-the-flow type of person, then we’re on the same page. There are still many enjoyable ways to get your daily dose of CBD while you take one day at a time. Your hobbies and how CBD affects you (in the morning, or at night) determines how CBD can fit into your lifestyle. For instance, you can use CBD oil for cooking and vaping with CBD-infused vape juice. CBD vape juice has delicious flavors ranging from cool mint to fruity cotton candy.


Cooking is a fun and rewarding hobby, but cooking with CBD is even better! CBD tinctures, which have CBD oil in droppers, are great to use in your recipes. You can mix CBD into almost anything, as long as it has a fatty substance to attach to (think butter or milk). Some of our favorite recipes include:


Get into a habit of cooking with CBD oil.


On the days you don’t feel like cooking, you can have desserts—such as a CBD chocolate bar or premade CBD cookies. This way, you’re able to have a delicious snack, and you can feel the relaxing effects of CBD before you hit your pillow.


Best CBD for a Stressful Lifestyle

CBD can help you relax if you have a stressed lifestyle.


Though your schedule may fall under the “busy” section, with a stressful lifestyle, you’ll have to put more effort into your relaxation techniques to adequately combat your stress. You’ll require a little more TLC from your Busy counterparts. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to relax with CBD. Some of them include dropping a CBD tincture into your tea and adding a little milk to it so it blends nicely, or benefiting from sipping on CBD water throughout your stressful day.


Top CBD products for the stressful lifestyle:

  • CBD bath bombs

  • CBD lip balm

  • CBD tincture

  • CBD water

CBD bath bombs have a relaxing aroma, which is perfect after a stressful day.


To relieve stress at the end of a tough day, you can infuse a hot bath with a CBD bath bomb for a pleasant scent and calming CBD combination. When you’re experiencing stress at work, swipe on CBD lip balm as a subtle way to treat yourself to CBD. Not everyone has time to take a bath at night, but most people do make time for coffee or breakfast. When you’re preparing your latte for the day, or your breakfast, you can drop a bit of CBD oil from your tincture into the mix.


Best CBD for an Athletic Lifestyle


An athletic lifestyle can benefit from CBD.


You run around all day, and you hardly ever get a break. Your muscles need to relax! Topical CBD, salves, lotion for skin are great for addressing problem areas and areas that could benefit from some TLC. Athletes can also benefit from CBD muscle balms, which help hydrate the skin at the same time.


Some people like to power up their workouts with coffee. The power of CBD coffee before a workout combats the caffeine jitters that come with your morning brew. You can also blend CBD oil into your pre-workout shake. Why stop there? On your tough days, blend CBD oil into a delicious smoothie with real fruit and peanut butter for that extra kick of protein.



CBD salves and balms can help relax muscles.


Finding the perfect CBD dosage and products to match your lifestyle takes a bit of trial-and-error, but with this guide, you should be able to find your ideal CBD quickly. You’re easily able to take CBD on the go if you have a busy or stressful lifestyle and you don’t have much time. You can apply topical CBD to a problem area if you’re athletic. And you can take time experimenting with different flavors of CBD vape juice and CBD oil when cooking if you lead a relaxed life.


If you’re the type that is busy during work in a fast-paced environment, but you like to chill on the weekends, then you could take capsules on weekdays for a slow-release that lasts throughout the day. On the weekends, you could benefit from a vape to deliver small amounts of CBD that immediately allow you to get CBD into your bloodstream. There are plenty of ways to relax with CBD before bed, including with CBD chocolate bars for dessert, or a CBD bath bomb. Whichever way you choose to relax will benefit any lifestyle.

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